Full Name
Mr. Larry Logan
Job Title
Chief Evangelist, Sustainability Solutions
Digimarc Corporation
Speaker Bio
Larry Logan is the Chief Evangelist for Sustainability Solutions at Digimarc Corporation, a pioneer and world leader in the field of digital watermarking. The company’s technology creates an imperceptible digital identity in virtually any media or physical object, in essence giving it a Digital Product Passport linked to unparalleled product transparency attributes and data. Larry is leading the company’s efforts to create an industry solution for the sortation of plastics and other packaging materials through the HolyGrail 1 & 2.0 initiatives in the European Union. By giving each product package its own unique identity that can be discovered by scanning equipment in a recycling facility, industry will seek to achieve increased quality and quantity of yields of recyclates to meet the sustainability targets of manufacturers, dual systems and facility operators, and government agencies. And, as importantly, to enable consumers to engage with packaging objects through their smartphones to be directed to proper disposal based on their geo-location or waste service provider.
Larry Logan