Full Name
Fuyuhiko Kubota
Job Title
General Manager, Renewable Resources Business Development
Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Speaker Bio
Mr. Fuyuhiko Kubota studied organic chemistry at Kyoto University in his native Japan. He joined Toyobo’s Corporate Research Group in 1986 where he spent 24 years developing polymer chemistry. Focus materials and projects included PBO, Poly(benzoxazole) for super fiber markets as ZYLON®. In 2000, he introduced TOYOBO GS Catalyst® which is an innovative catalyst for next generation polyester resins with improved performance from a heavy metal free production process.

His impressive career and development successes include a serving as a chemistry scholar at Northwestern University in IL, responsibilities as President of Toyobo America, Inc. in New York, and leading TOYOBO’s Corporate Communications Team in Japan as their General Manager with responsibility for investor relations and public relations.

In 2020, Kubota launched TOYOBO’s Renewable Resources Business Development team to develop bio-based polymers and new recycling technologies. The team focus is to increase circularity of plastics and packaging by meeting sustainability needs through novel chemistry.

Current circularity focused projects under his direction include:
(1) Polyethylene furanoate (PEF) for high barrier packaging
(2) Chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste
(3) TOYOBO GS Catalyst® for enhanced mechanical recycling
Fuyuhiko Kubota