How to Mitigate the Negative Impact of High-Volumes of rPET when Producing Light-Weight PET Bottles
Sudha Jebadurai
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)
Location Name
Amelia Ballroom 3 & 4

When you introduce rPET to the bottle recipe, it causes instability and a greater level of variability in the processing of preforms into bottles. This Instability results in inconsistent material distribution in the blown bottles, creating production issues in the blowmolder as well as in downstream processes. The closed-loop feedback loop provided by our system addresses the variability of rPET preforms and through constant monitoring and proactive blowmolder management, makes it possible to produce high rPET content bottles with minimal production issues.  Because of this capability, these systems have been very popular over the last few years as they make it possible to process very light bottles with high levels of rPET content efficiently while maintaining downstream operations. What started as a tool to make consistent bottles and support lightweighting has now become a must-have tool for producing rPET bottles. Currently over 250 billion bottles/year are being processed with this technology.