Converters' Quest: The Winning Blend of Innovation & Sustainability
Thomas Busard
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM (EST)
Location Name
Amelia Ballroom 3 & 4

Converters are on a quest to find the perfect balance of quality, price, and sustainability. The volatility of PET and HDPE supply, along with price volatility is difficult enough.  Add to that the changing goals and directions from the market and our customers and our quest becomes a constantly moving target.

Additionally, brands are always looking for differentiation on the shelf. Container color, shape, weight, label size, label type, closure size and type. Everyone wants their package to stand out. Make it innovative, keep it all sustainable, and at the same time price please...

With Plastipak having its own integrated packaging design studios along with our internal rPET and rHDPE PCR material supply via our Clean Tech operations we can respond faster and more confidently with existing packages and for those fast-development projects.

There are alternatives, but for at least the near-term, mechanical recycling will continue to be THE “go to” solution for improved sustainability.  Bio-based materials, while innovative and desirable, often have a carbon footprint that is difficult to follow and quantify at the early stages of development and early commercialization. Chemical recycling offers many benefits but isn’t likely to be the “silver bullet” many expect.  It too must begin with mechanical separation of MSW. 

So, the quest of the converter is to be nimble, be reactive, be smart, be compliant, be flexible, be innovative, be quick, and to make the best container possible within the changing parameters of our customers and market demands.  This is the quest that Plastipak will summarize in this presentation.