TOYOBO GS Catalyst®” - Catalyzing the Circular Economy
Fuyuhiko Kubota
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM (CST)
Location Name
AT&T Conference Center - Zlotnik Grand Ballroom

The headlines are filled with calls to action to address plastics waste and reduce “single serve” packaging. These plans include ambitious goals for increased recycle content and package redesign. But the case for change extends further than packaging and the applications themselves. Most of today’s PET resins are manufactured from chemistries and legacy manufacturing processes that have been practiced for decades with some degree of optimization. There is an unmet and sometimes unstated need to introduce a next generation PET resin. The world is ready for a PET resin that better supports “circularity” with better mechanical recycling properties while also bringing improved package performance. Transitioning from today’s commonly used catalyst systems to TOYOBO GS Catalyst(TM) will create PET packaging that is more resistant to optics degradation from multiple melt processing while also decreasing acetaldehyde generation. Reducing “single serve” packaging and increasing PCR content needs to facilitate a transition to next generation PET resins that are designed for circularity. Truly changing the world of PET packaging includes changing the resin that it all starts with.