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February 6 – 8, 2017
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Tampa, FL


Clear plastic can, omni-channel packaging challenges featured at The Packaging Conference 2016. 


New plastic can technology and omni-channel packaging challenges/solutions, will be two of the topics highlighted at The Packaging Conference 2016, Sonoco its newly-introduced TruVue™ Can as an innovative alternative to the traditional metal can.

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  • Michael Okoroafor Global VP Innovation and Sustainability
    McCormick Foods
    Successful sustainable packaging innovation.

  • Gary Hemphill Managing Director of Research
    Beverage Marketing, Inc.
    The Changing Beverage Trends: What’s in store for 2017?

  • Tom Blaige CEO
    Blaige & Co.
    Panel discussion: What is really happening in packaging M&A.

  • Lamy Chopin III VP Innovation
    Dow Chemical Co.
    The development and commercialization of Dow’s RecycleReady technology

  • Dr. Daniel Abramowicz Executive VP Technology & Regulatory Affairs
    Crown Holdings
    CrownSmart® technology and its commercial applications.

  • Steven C Gendreau Vice President
    Sonoco Plastics
    The commerical success of the TruVue™ Retortable Plastic Can

  • Larry Logan, Chief Marketing Officer
    GS1 and SmartLabel, retailer and consumer success stories

  • Ms. Rachel Gualtieri Director Marketing and Key Accounts
    Sarong North America
    Sustainability vs Single Serve Packs - what does that mean ecologically and environmentally?

  • Richard Darling Global Sales Manager
    Xaar plc
    What inkjet can do for the omni-channel.

  • Alessandra Bosco Director Of Business Development
    HRS Flow / Ermo
    Key to success for metal and glass conversion to plastic thin wall packages

  • Steve Ates Managing Director
    The Dynamics of a Maturing Market

  • Chris Ellen Vice President Sales
    Bio Amber
    Bio-Succinic Acid Replacement of Isophthalic Acid for Bottle-Grade PET

  • Ted Harris Marketing Manager
    Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.
    Is ISBM ready for HDPE?