Betty Jean Pilon

I currently hold the position of President of Montebello Packaging and have done so for the last twenty seven years and have worked for the same company for over thirty seven years.  Montebello Packaging manufactures primary packaging in the form of collapsible impact extruded aluminum and laminate tubes, aerosol cans, ink markers, caps and closures for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial markets.  They are the North American market leader for many of these products to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.   Their new impact extruded shaped aluminum bottles is being introduced to the beverage market this year.

I started with the company as their Controller, after being part of the external audit team and hold the professional designations as a CPA-CA in good standing.  When the opportunity presented itself, I took over the single facility in Hawkesbury, Ontario as its President.   Since that time we grew the business by triple digits from one plant in Ontario, to five plants located in Canada and United States.   Our focus has always been on the meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs.

Before overseas competition threatened the core business, I had the foresight to develop new products and new markets.  When the competition arrived, the move to non-commodity products was well underway.  I was instrumental in diversifying the company’s products from its base of collapsible aluminum tubes and ink markers, to laminate tubes, aerosol cans, caps and closures and shaped aluminum bottles.  Also, to grow this business and diversify, I started a separate division, called Monfitello to fill food in tubes that is growing in double digits each year.  In addition I have a proven record of being innovative, and understand manufacturing, as proven by being the lead inventor on four patents (granted and under review) that are the foundation of Montebello and Monfitello’s new products.

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February 5, 2018

4:00 PM

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Montebello Packaging's uShape Shaped Aluminum Bottle

Introducing our latest state of the art product, Custom Shaped Aluminum Bottles
Blow-molded aluminum bottles allow for shapes never available before with all the benefits of metal packaging!
Custom Shaped Aluminum Bottles is a proprietary and patented new packaging technology which allows beverage and consumer product manufacturers to design aluminum bottles with shaped features similar to plastic blow-molded bottles, yet with all the features and benefits of aluminum packaging.
This new technology uses a blow-molding process to take aluminum pre-forms and expand them in a mold. The final package has all the contours, shapes and features of the mold itself. The shapes can include flutes, embossing, debossing, asymmetric shapes and other fine details. The bottles are custom printed with the customer’s artwork in up to 9 colors, using a very high-quality dry-offset printing process. A variety of other visually striking print effects are available, including matte and gloss finishes, metallic and specialty inks, and a variety of base coating options. The final product is capped using ROPP or crown capping technology. The product is currently available in two base diameters, with fill volumes of up to 16.9 fl. oz. (500ml).